Andrew Macaulay's Gate and Trigger Collection

This collection includes a set of nineteen gate and trigger-related utilities. Used alone or together these modules can do some really interesting things with rhythms and gating, as well as allowing for a further degree of control over triggers and gates. The collection includes:

  • the CV Change Gate (Triggers on changes in CV); a Clock Generator with divider/multiplier; a Clock Multiplier/Divider; a Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle to allow accurate manual triggering of sequencers/ratcheting; and a Trigger Delay/Repeat module with clock-based as well as host-based timing;
  • modules that convert a clock gate input to a BPM-based CV and back, take a gate or trigger and change the gate width (both a set of fixed values and a voltage controlled version), pick up the gate on and gate off signal and to simply use gate signals to switch audio or control voltages on/off;
  • mono and poly zero-crossing processor modules that sense zero-crossing of waveforms and ensure the gate (or CV) is aligned to these to reduce clicks from gate switching or fast/aggressive envelopes;
  • the Wave State Processor that allows you to split a waveform into parts around 0V using settings for maximum and minimum voltages;
  • the Trigger Counter module that generates triggers after a set number of input triggers, with voltage control of the number to be sensed;
  • performance-related modules (also in other collections) including the Legato Processor for keyboard or sequences, the Sustain Processor and the IO Bus Plus and Poly IO Bus Plus modules extending the Voltage Modular IO Panel.

Also includes the Notes Panel 8HP and 16HP panels for adding notes to patches, the UI Settings Configurator module together with a set of tutorial presets. Note that any new modules added to this collection in the future will be included at no extra cost to existing users.

Note that all my modules with clock inputs for sync use a number of approaches to minimise the need to receive multiple clocks before processing the timing, including saving the current sensed clock time so that opening a preset can start the sync'd time immediately as well as advanced clock sync options on the Clock Generator and Clock Multiplier/Divider to assist when clock timings might change over time.

This collection is also included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.