Trigger Gate Converter

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: May 18, 2021

Manufacturer: Monkey Business Audio

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Convert Triggers to Gates and Gates to Triggers

Also part of the Beats2Pitch Bundle.

Trigger Gate Converter (TGC) is actually two modules in one:

The part above the monkey converts gate signals to triggers with dedicated outputs for the rising and the falling edge of the gate.

The part below the monkey converts trigger signals to gates, where the timing of the gate output signal is determined by the TIME parameter. If TIME is set to 0.0 ms the trigger changes the state of the gate, i.e. if the gate output is low an incoming trigger will change it to high and if the gate output is high an incoming trigger will change it to low (see first diagram image). If TIME is greater than 0.0 ms a trigger will open the gate for the set amount of time (see second diagram image). If a new trigger occurs before the gate has been closed, it will stay open and the timer will start again from zero (see third diagram image).

TIME can also be controlled by pitch CV following the 1 V/octave rule. The gate will be opened for the duration of a single cycle at the corresponding pitch, where a 1/16th note at 120 BPM equals about -3.03135971V. This allows for tempo-synced gating. When gate length is controlled by pitch CV the TIME knob will set the duration of the gate in % relative to the received pitch, i.e. if a pitch for a 1/16th note is received, a TIME value of 50% will open the gate for the duration of a 1/32nd note. At 100%, two consecutive triggers will be considered "legato", i.e. the gate will not close between the two triggers.

An input signal is considered high if it is greater than or equal to 2.5 V and considered low if it is less than 2.5 V.

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.