VM900 960 Sequential Controller

The VM960 is super-accurate reproduction of the classic three-channel, eight-stage sequencer, famously used by Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. When combined with the VM962 Sequential Switch module, the eight-stage rows can run sequentially for 16- or 24-stage sequences.


Sep 17, 23

Not just a vintage sequencer!

The 960 has separate gate outs for each step (great for sending that note to a different voice - hocketing), jacks for each step to jump right to it (good for random play order), 3 rows of steps (send 1 melody to 3 separate voices, or modulate 2 things in step with the melody, or use 1 row for ratcheting). Those separate gate outs can also be used with probability modules like HetrickCV's PROBABILITY to randomly trigger alternative effects/modulation/voices. It's an outrageously powerful sequencer, especially when combined with other modules.