x8 Gate To Trigger

$3.99 $8.00

Use the x8 Gate To Trigger module to control drums from alternative sources, to pull a signal from which a tempo can be determined, or to link modules that don’t normally communicate. It pairs excellently coming out of the MIDI Drum Trigger and sequencers that output gates or going into Misfit’s range of triggered drum modules and a range of Playertron modules, like the Super Needle Dropper, BPMSEQ, BPM Follower, and Rotator.

These eight parallel converters turn gate signals into triggers — whenever a gate opens or a signal over 0V comes along, a single sample 5V pulse is output without repeating until the gate closes to 0V and reopens. Converters are automatically enabled whenever the output jack is plugged in. With a small footprint, you can wire up complex assemblies without spanning beyond reach.

(part of the Tempo Modulating Bundle)