Tempo Modulating Bundle

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The BPM Follower is an LFO that adjusts in real-time to match the tempo at its trigger input, making its modulation flex with the speed of a performance or according to patterns sequenced with the included BPM SEQ. You can also just sync it to a steady BPM with the Sub Metronome or even temporarily connect the system trigger for a tap-tempo functionality. The BPM SEQ outputs tempo triggers that provide instant adjustment for modulation from the beat to triplets, eigths, and so on. It can drag or rush if you like, and you can use multiples to produce nearly undpredictable results that feel complex but nonrandom. Tempos can be established and subdivided with the Sub Metronome which will happily play maestro to the above units. Alternatively, the x8 Gate To Trigger module provides a way to feed alternative sources and those that were probably never meant to act as a tempo source. Use this team for more dynamic wobbles, more organic vibratos, and more varied tremolos or orchestrate sequencers to go in and out of phase, to grind against each other mathematically, or to shift abruptly.

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BPM Follower

BPM Sequencer

Sub Metronome

x8 Gate To Trigger