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Unfiltered Audio is excited to announce the return of Yoko, the frequency band-splitter! Yoko takes in a mono or stereo signal and breaks it down into three frequency bands using analog-style, latency-free crossover filters. Each frequency band is available at separate outputs for additional processing. To make patching a whole lot easier, we have included three sets of Return inputs so that you can easily mix your bands back together.

As an example, if you want to saturate only your bass frequencies (in the style of our plugin, Bass Mint):

1) Run the signal you want into Yoko's inputs.

2) Plug the Low section's outputs into the saturator of your choice (We recommend Indent, but we're biased).

3) Take the outputs of the saturator and plug them back into Yoko's Low Return inputs.

4) The signal preset at Yoko's Sum outputs will now be the untouched Mid and High bands mixed together with the saturated Low band.

5) To make things even easier, you can Solo the Low band and listen to only the saturated lows for easier tweaking.

Yoko's Crossover filters are identical to the filters present in our critically-acclaimed multiband plugin, Triad. Like Triad, there are four available slopes for more dramatic filters, and everything is ready to be modulated.

With optional CV Smoothing, you can use Yoko as a click-free multi-band VCA, or an audio-rate stack of amplitude modulation fury!