Mutations for Dreamsynth

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Requires ownership of
Dreamsynth Synthesizer

Instruments | Cherry Audio

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Created by Director of Sound Design James Terris, the Mutations for Dreamsynth Preset Pack collection from Cherry Audio boasts 100 innovative presets that open up the next level of performance for the software synthesizer praised as "supremely affordable and powerful." These presets have been expertly designed to take full advantage of Dreamsynth's extensive MIDI mapping and unique features, such as its dual-wave morphing oscillators, stereo filters, and vast modulation capabilities. Get your mod wheel ready because the Mutations collection unlocks extreme sonic dimensions that will redefine what you thought was possible with Dreamsynth.

Mutations for Dreamsynth includes 100 new presets in the following categories:

  • 20 Arps
  • 10 Basses
  • 10 Digital Waves
  • 5 Drones
  • 10 Leads
  • 20 Pads
  • 5 Plucks
  • 10 Poly
  • 5 Rhythms
  • 5 Strings

This Cherry Audio Preset Pack requires Dreamsynth synthesizer. Once purchased, the sound pack will be automatically downloaded and added as a new collection to your presets. See this Support article for details.

Title of Song

  • Mutations for Dreamsynth demo by James Terris