DCO-106 Windows Installer

Type: Software

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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Oct 3, 20

Brilliant etc

It is as good as all the other people say...
i used to have a Juno 6 and hello old improved friend. Its such a friendly, posative synth and you,ve captured that. Happiness in software.


Oct 5, 20

Made me 16 again!

The Juno 106 was my first Roland Synth back in the early mid 80s. I remember playing many live gigs as a teenager. This VST had the original patches and using a control surface (a Nektar Panorama P1) to manipulate the encoders and levers, it really transported me back to the days when I would listen to the Juno with its Subtractive Roland sound and program my own Analog patches. Plus, in 2020 this VST from Cherry Audio works with my MPE device a Roli Seaboard via Cubase. This VST has taken me to the very dawn of MIDI in the 80s with my 106 all the way to MIDI 2.0 in 2020. Whqt a musical endeavor. Five Stars.


Oct 5, 20


Ein echter Juno 106, jaaaa alle glauben der TAL tuts auch. Aber ist es Geschmackssache? Nein! Für mich ist das Interface sehr viel ausgereifter und ja es klingt auch dank der effekte besser! Danke Cherry Audio!


Oct 5, 20

Juno 106 was my first synth in 1986

Juno 106 was my first synth in 1986 ant this is the first emulation i have tried where you can find some special combinations of freq and res where it gets "to loud" and kind of breaks up.


Oct 6, 20

Excellent Excellent I LOVE IT!!!

No complications super easy!!!
Extremely Satisfied sounds completely enhanced than your typical Roland Cloud Version "MUST HAVE YOU 80s FAN"!!!


Oct 7, 20

Blown away (back to the 80s)

All I can say is "wow". I was 17ish when the original Juno 106 was launched and my Brother borrowed one (he had good friends). I was instantly hooked. The DC-106 took me straight back to that day. The quality of the sound is impecible, the tweakablity unlimited and the interface so clear, it screams "touch me". One day, all VST's will be this good. I need to find a dark room to rethink my life....


Oct 13, 20


Oct 6, 20

Dco 106

Installer corect but authorization failed even with firewall off.
Impossible to use this software, it's unbelievable regarding other companies that provide flawless procedure to use their products. Really disappointed 😥