DCO-106 Windows Installer


Jan 23, 21

Very synth pop

I have been playing Voltage and the Arp2600 and now the DCO and I am so impressed. I had a juno 60 and it was great but limited . This is what it should have been plus midi. I thought about TAL and the price seems good but not as good as yours. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Jadan J Oliver


Aug 24, 21

First Patch I tried at random said it all!

What an achievement guys! Instant recognition of the original which also hangs in my studio...
An more than excellent piece of emulation!
Instant go to!


Sep 21, 21

Just frakkin' WOW !!!

The Roland Juno 106 was the first synth I laid hands on in 1986, it was 2-3 years old then but as a young 13 year old, I fell in love with the beast. I had it mastered just a few months later.
I still own a Juno 106, it's needing some repairs right now, so when I found the Cherry Audio VSTi at such a great price compared to all the other physically modelled versions out there, and then reading up on the pedigree and history of the guys at Cherry Audio, I thought "What the hell"...
Soooo, side by side comparisons between this and the real deal are DEAD ON.
The extra features added pretty much cover the Kiwi Electronics upgrade and then some.
This bit of software is a NO BRAINER. It's what you'd expect, and way more.
I'm so impressed I just now bought the CA2600 software. (always wanted a real one) , and have wish-listed another 4 Cherrry Audio creations...

5 Stars. Triple A Class rating, don't hesitate , JUST GET IT.


Oct 11, 23



Saturn Voyager

May 16, 22

Cool synth, but being honest...

This thing sounds beautiful, but just two things to say: 1. The chorus is not even close to the original, the chorus is like the 50% of the sound of this synth cause beyond being just an added effect it is the replacement of the 2nd DCO on the Juno Series. 2. In the DCO section the selector on LFO mode could sound more "chorusy" to be more accurate to the original. Thanks anyway for this amazing plugin guys.