Elka-X Windows Installer

Doc Joe

Aug 19, 22

Unexpectedly beautiful mind-jamming!

I am a fan of Cherry Audio's synths, but was sceptical with this one. I was not familiar with the synth and so was not sure if it would offer anything more above what I have from the amazing PS-20, Eight-Voice and Dreamsynth (my three go-to synths). However, I decided to part with the cash and give the Elka-X a try.
Well... wowsa!!!
This beauty genuinely has a tone and character all of its own. Super rich and syrupy 80's vibes just pour from this synth. I can see myself experimenting with a lot of Stranger Things / Carpenter Brut style of synthwave sound design with this baby. Currently, I am just listening to this thing generating mind-jamming goodness via presets and NDLR sequences. It is pure magic.
Another absolute hit from Cherry Audio. Thanks for introducing me to this synth. I am very glad you are still keeping it fresh, by keeping it retro!


Aug 20, 22


instantly playable with quick to understand interface that lets you create quite complex sequences. The sound is fantastic and juicy - especially with the chorus. Kind to your CPU as well.


Aug 21, 22

Remarkable soundscape & SOUND!

You need to try this if you've been buying iOS &/or VSTs in the past. It is deep, intuitive, and impressive.

Jartone 1

Sep 11, 22


This Synth is Awesome and Magical and so user friendly


Mar 10, 23

Wowwwww what a synth

Unbelievable what a sound!


Apr 4, 23

Great synthesizer great sound.

For me, being Italian, seeing the sound of Elka's best synthesizer revive is a great emotion, especially if emulated with such accuracy. Thanks Cherry Audio!.


Nov 4, 23