Mercury-4 Windows Installer


Sep 20, 21


Maybe it is not 100% a Jupiter 4, but the sound character is really close and it is great fun!!!


Sep 25, 21

butiful classic vantage synth and it is worth 10 times its price. you do not stop surprising us thankyou


Nov 27, 22


Absolutely love this. Major vintage analogue vibes, just the right amount of character and imperfection. It's rich, lush, smooth and just a touch 'wonky' in a good way. Exactly what I want from a vintage Jupiter synth. An absolutely no brainer buy if you are doing anything 'vintage synth'.


Sep 17, 21

Mercury 4

This is by far far your best effort yet Mercury 4 sounds great. I never had a Jupiter but i have had many Roland Keyboards and this could pass for some of them. Keep up the good work
its getting better with every release.
Thanks D