Adroit Custom


Adroit Custom lets you create customized user interfaces for Voltage Modular patches.

The bundle consists of three modules: Custom Panel, Custom Look and Custom IO.

The idea is that you build a Voltage Modular patch as usual using any modules you like, while alongside you use multiple Custom Panel modules to construct a user interface containing interactive elements such as knobs, sliders, buttons and joysticks that are mapped to remotely control things deep within the patch.

You can also add elements like LEDs, oscilloscopes and meters to your custom interface in order to provide visual feedback.

All of the complexity and mess of the patch can be hidden off-screen leaving you with a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing interface containing only those elements that are important.

The Custom Look module lets you tailor the look of your interface. You can either import your own background graphics or use a built-in gradient shading system, then choose from a range of skins for the controls and use any font that's installed on your computer for text labelling.

CV, audio and MIDI connectivity are key to Adroit Custom yet Custom Panel modules do not themselves contain any sockets. Instead all wired connections are handled by Custom IO modules. Up to four of these may be deployed at once in order to provide up to 32 CV/audio inputs, 32 CV outputs, 64 voltage controlled amplifiers, 4 MIDI outputs and 1 MIDI input.

The VCAs are arranged in pairs that be configured to operate as switches, attenuators, attenuverters, crossfaders or panners. They can be used to control signal routing, modulation and mixing in your patch.

Custom Panel knobs, sliders, buttons and joysticks can therefore output CV, output MIDI and control VCA pairs as well as remotely control controls on other Voltage Modular modules. Custom Panel controls can themselves also be controlled by CV and MIDI.

You can use CV and/or MIDI to control plugins running in Voltage Modular's Plugin Host module and with suitable interfacing hardware you can remotely control external kit such as MIDI keyboards and Eurorack - so it's possible to integrate all of the elements of a studio or live setup into a single homogeneous user interface.

Adroit Custom projects are normal patches so are stored in standard Voltage Modular preset files. You can therefore share your work by transferring a single file.

There is a 14 day free trial period.

Extensive documentation is provided at

Demo projects built using Adroit Custom and the Voltage Modular Core bundle can be downloaded from

Simple Mixer is a very basic mixer that demonstrates how to begin constructing modular mixers.

Vocoder is a 10-channel vocoder.

Meta 56 is an 8-step 7-channel sequencer that can output CV like any other sequencer but it is also capable of controlling knobs, sliders and buttons on other modules, outputting MIDI CC and controlling VCA pairs.

Mono Synth is a three VCO monophonic synthesizer with a tuning setup designed to make it easy to create chords. In addition it uses scopes to help you visualize envelope and LFO shapes.

Planet Z is a two VCO polyphonic synthesizer that features multiple reset, randomize, nudge and invert buttons to help you find interesting settings.

Stella is an example of how you can build a custom interface for a song in a live performance set.

The intention is to add more demos over time.

An optional extra module called Custom Control is in the late stages of development and testing and this will add novel morphing and sequencing facilities once released. Please note that Custom Control is a separate product that will require an additional purchase.