Andrew Macaulay's Sequencing and Ratcheting Collection

This collection of six modules covering ratcheting modules, the step generator, probability generator and an add-on specifically aimed at sequencer in Cherry Audio's VM2500 modules. More sequencing-related modules will be added in future releases.

The ratcheting modules comprise the comprehensive and highly flexible Pattern-based Ratcheter; a simpler, multiple fixed-step micro-Ratcheter synchronized to the Host/DAW or an external clock; and a Voltage-Controlled Ratcheter, providing even more ways to integrate ratcheting into your sequencing. These modules are useful when used with sequencers and pattern generators to generate even more complex rhythms.

The Step Generator module provides a flexible tool to generate CV steps (up, down, up/down, down/up - up to 256 steps each way) in single-shot and repeating patterns, with multiple ways to setup the steps/sizes (including quantized for notes).

The Sequencer Gate Switch for VM2500 allows the VM2500 1027 Clocked Sequential Control 10-step sequencer to be used to easily drive drum (and other) patterns through the 3x10 switch matrix.

The Probability Generator (also in the General Utilities Collection) has also been included in this collection.

Using the micro-Ratcheter with the Cherry Audio 8-to-1 switch or the Voltage Controlled Switch from the Andrew Macaulay's Switches and Mixers collection allows complex behaviours with sequencing. The addition of randomness from the Probability Generator from Andrew Macaulay's General Utility Collection can make for some interesting patterns that will change over time.

Also includes the Notes Panel 8HP and 16HP panels for adding notes to patches, the UI Settings Configurator module together with a set of tutorial presets. Note that any new modules added to this collection in the future will be included at no extra cost to existing users.

Note that all my modules with clock inputs for sync use a number of approaches to minimise the need to receive multiple clocks before processing the timing, including saving the current sensed clock time so that opening a preset can start the sync'd time immediately as well as advanced clock sync options on the Pattern Ratcheter and Voltage Controlled Ratcheter to assist when clock timings might change over time.

This collection is also included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.