Circular Sequencing Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Manufacturer: Playertron

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$27.99 $68.00

With wires radiating from the time divisions of the Cycle Sequencer, finding their way through the Note Actuator to shine melodies on your oscillator, refracting through the x8 Trigger To Gate to bend open rhythms through envelope generators, and being absorbed by the Instant Pitch Fader to reveal the colors of samples played at relative speeds., the Circle Sequencing Bundle was built to supply energy for modular synthesis.

By directing triggers immediately out of sequencer steps, the Cycle Sequencer can network in all directions to specify rhythms, activate modes, trigger behaviors, and be absorbed, processed, and directed to make complex assemblies with a direct simplicity. The Note Actuator can convert these triggers (or any other triggers & gates) into pitch CV for your favorite oscillators/samplers/etc. with a C scale default ready for your adjustment and a transpose knob to move scales into key readily. The x8 Trigger To Gate (a reverse of our x8 Gate To Trigger) can also grab such trigger pulses and sustain them into a gate signal for time-based control and envelope generation. Times are adjustable and a useful “re-gate” switch allows you to choose whether rapid triggers merely extend the outgoing gate or rapidly close and reopen it to restart envelopes, retrigger samples, and so forth. The Instant Pitch Fader complete the package by acting as a sound source (load your own samples) that works readily with these teammates (or any trigger source, like typical sequencers) to trigger a sample at a user-specified, note-correlated rate and turn audio snippets into melodies. The onboard file type switches allow you to manually specify how samples are read, freeing you up to hear a 24 bit file interpreted as if it were 16 bit, to choose a slower sample rate, to alter the “reading frame”, and so on.

Try the Circle Sequencing Bundle if you’d like to run wires in every direction and actually get a useable result, use it to establish hubs of new connectivities, apply it to investigate alternate approaches to composition, and build your systems with added efficiency, flexibility, and visibility.