Miniverse Module Collection

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The Miniverse Module Collection expands Cherry Audio’s smash-hit Miniverse instrument into 14 flexible modules for use with the Voltage Modular virtual instrument platform. It retains all the classic tone and mojo that made the original Mini great while freeing users of the fixed “hard-wired” limitations of the original. Poly module versions of the oscillator, mixer, filter, glide, contour, and VCA sections are included for up to 16-note polyphony, and we’ve even exactingly modeled the unique A-440 reference oscillator!

  • Miniverse Oscillator and Poly Miniverse Oscillator super accurately replicate the famously brawny sounds of the original Mini.
  • Miniverse Filter and Poly Miniverse Filter are 24dB/oct, lowpass filters based on the famous transistor ladder filter.
  • Miniverse Glide and Poly Miniverse Glide modules allows notes to slide smoothly from one pitch to the next and Mini's unique glide unique asymmetrical glide characteristics are accurately emulated.
  • Miniverse Mixer and Poly Miniverse Mixer are four-channel mixers, usable with audio or CV signals.
  • Miniverse Contour and Poly Miniverse Contour are ADS envelope generators used to dynamically shape note volume, filter cutoff, or any other voltage-controlled mod destination.
  • Miniverse Noise faithfully replicates the Mini's noise section. It's not apparent from the front panel, but the original instrument actually contains white, pink, and red noise generators.
  • Miniverse VCA and Poly Miniverse VCA replicate the unique mojo of the original Mini circuit. They are usable with audio or CV signals.
  • Miniverse A-440 module replicates the Mini's unique tuning reference oscillator circuit.

Some presets utilizing stereo functionality require additional modules not included in this product such as Poly Stereo Spread, but available in the Voltage Module Core + Electro Drums bundle.

A free seven-day demo of Miniverse Module Collection is available. This demo will play white noise periodically, but is otherwise unlimited.