Three Oscillators

Type: Bundle

Updated: Mar 09, 2021

Manufacturer: Nick Hladek

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$10.00 $15.00

Purchase Nick's three basic oscillator modules at a half price.

Digital Oscillator

Digital oscillator with multiple waveforms, color modifications, and modulation capabilities. The Digital Oscillator module does not attempt to recreate analog imperfections, but instead offers mathematically precise waveforms. Additional harmonics can be added to the waveforms using the color knob.

Noise Oscillator

Noise oscillator with multiple types of noise, color modifications, bit reduction, and modulation capabilities. The Noise Oscillator module generates three types of 'noise'. An additional sine wave can be mixed into the noise using the color knob.

FM Oscillator

Two operator FM oscillator with modulation capabilities. Modulator ratio, amount, and feedback can be controlled via controls knobs and CV signal.


Mar 10, 21

Three's a paradise

Nick, has really designed some very musical, powerful, and incredibly rich sounding oscillators to speak volumes for instrument builders. High quality, captivating, and full range. Great work.

Clifton Develle Cameron