Digital Oscillator

Type: Module

Category: Oscillators

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Manufacturer: Nick Hladek

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Digital oscillator with multiple waveforms, color modifications, and modulation capabilities. The Digital Oscillator module does not attempt to recreate analog imperfections, but instead offers mathematically precise waveforms. Additional harmonics can be added to the waveforms using the color knob.


Oscillator features coarse control knob, fine control knob, and color control knob. Coarse control knob takes a range of 65.41 through 2093.00, which correspond to the notes c2 through c7 under a440 tuning. Fine control knob allows pitch to be adjusted up or down one half of an octave. Color knob adjusts wave timbre.


Color knob and CV input jack adjust wave timbre. For sine, triangle, and sawtooth waves, the color applies overdrive. For the square wave, color modifies pulse width. The color CV input jack signal can be attenuated using the amount control knob.

CV Control

CV signals can be used to control pitch, hard sync, and color of the output waves. Pitch is controlled at a conversion rate of one volt per octave and is summed to the values taken by the coarse and fine control knobs. Color CV signal can be attenuated using the amount control knob; color CV signal is summed to color control knob values.


Digital Oscillator outputs sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves via line level output. All four waveforms can be output simultaneously.

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