Unfiltered Audio Distortion Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Manufacturer: Unfiltered Audio

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$30.00 $45.00

Unfiltered Audio brings their distortion DSP expertise to Voltage Modular! This affordable bundle includes three deep modules for processing and mangling incoming signals. Dent Crusher provides stereo digital degradation, Indent specializes in stereo analog-style saturation, and Fusion is our unique multi-mode mixer and signal collider featuring algorithms from our popular LION synthesizer.


Jun 30, 21

unfiltered audio <3

if you need distortion this is where it's at. the guys at unfiltered audio are crazy geniouses when it comes to their vst plugins and seeing them coming to VM gets me excited. these modules deliver on the excitement.
indent ranges from subtle saturation to destructive distortion and anything in between. it is my go to for distortion and beefing up sounds.
dent crusher is not only a decimator, it has several algorithms that reduces samples and bits in interesting ways. cripsr and dust are my personal favorites. gives sounds interesting touches of annihilation and corrosion.
fusion is a creative mixer that can blend sounds in interesting ways. just feed it two sound sources and it will create awesomeness.

highly recommended.