Weevil Year One Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Manufacturer: Weevil

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$120.00 $205.00

All Weevil modules released until August 2020. For details, please see the descriptions of the included modules. If you have questions or suggestions how the modules can be enhanced, contact me on the forum or send me an email ("Contact Manufacturer" above).


  • Wavetable Oscillator - dual wavetable oscillator (reads wavetables from most large platforms)
  • Poly Wavetable Oscillator - polyphonic version of the wavetable oscillator
  • Image Oscillator - image-controlled additive oscillator


  • Graphic Waveshaper - graphic waveshaper with extensive CV options
  • Poly Graphic Waveshaper - polyphonic version of the graphic waveshaper
  • Tri Shaper - fold, saturate, clip and other effects for up to three signal paths
  • Poly Tri Shaper - polyphonic version of the tri shaper


  • Rhythm Divider - clock divider and sequencer with boolean logic


  • Multi Oscilloscope - oscilloscope with six inputs
  • Scaler - quantizer with support for microtunings using the scl format
  • Tri Mod - mix and modulation for three signal paths (ring-mod, am, sample & hold, track & hold etc.)
  • Poly Tri Mod - polyphonic version of the tri mod
  • Sync Delay - 8 individual short delays, use as delay or use to solve latency when combining voltage modular with eurorack or other external gear

Discounts for modules you already own If you already own some of these modules you are entitled to a discount from the base price of $120. Discount rates per modules can be found here:

  • Graphic Waveshaper - 9%
  • Poly Graphic Waveshaper - 6%
  • Image Oscillator - 13%
  • Multi Oscilloscope - 6%
  • Poly Tri Mod - 3%
  • Poly Tri Shaper - 3%
  • Poly Wavetable Oscillator - 6%
  • Rhythm Divider - 13%
  • Scaler - 6%
  • Tri Mod - 6%
  • Tri Shaper - 6%
  • Wavetable Oscillator - 16%
  • Sync Delay - 6%

To get the discount, send me an email (see contact manufacturer above) listing the modules you own. Based on that I can set up a discount price that you will be able to see in the store.

Doc Joe

Apr 17, 21

Worth it for the Rhythm Divider Alone

My purchase of this was, I am embarrised to say, more of an accident than intentional. I was reviewing modules for my early set up of Voltage and added this set to my cart, along with others and before I knew it, I'd purchased it. Well. Ok. Lesson learned. Don't get overly excited with new toys.
However, Weevil makes components that are unique, doing things that hardware modules can't. My favourite module in this pack is the Rhythm Divider. Initial I used it for drums (techno here I come!) but more recently it's been used to control evolving pads and hits in generative setups. It's such a useful, surprising and fun tool. I just wisht he documentation was a little more robust and tutorials / presets available that showcased ways to use this tool. But wait, there's more! The image synth (great for pulsing soundscapes) and the oscilloscope are excellent and have become part of my regular kit. I've not yet fully tried out all of these modules in this pack: the wave table oscillator module is on my list of 'to play with.' All in all, Weevil makes some lovely, experimental modules that you'll be pleased to own.