Catkins Stereo


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Catkins Stereo is the stereo version of Catkins, a multi-tap delay with a separate send/receive loop for each of its six taps.

Catkins Stereo captures its audio input into a 20s circular recording buffer with six read heads, each of which can be positioned and modulated separately. The signal from each read head is sent out on a separate send output, and can be returned to a feedback circuit via a return input. The sum of the returns is also available as a main audio output, with controllable dry/wet balance with the audio input. The wet signal is additionally passed into a controllable feedback circuit.

Catkins Stereo can be used for creative multi-tap delays, and for building custom chorus and flanger-type effects.

You may prefer Catkins Stereo if you are working with a signal that is already in stereo, or if you wish to apply stereo effects such as panning or "ping-pong" channel swapping to the delayed signal passing through the send/return loop.