CV Sequencer

Type: Module

Category: Sequencers

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Manufacturer: Monkey Business Audio

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CV Sequencer is also part of the Sequencer Bundle. Get 3 dedicated sequencers and playback control for over 37% less.

CV values for each step can be set in percent, while the actual output voltage is determined by the range and offset. The number of steps is controlled by the up and down buttons in the upper right and a step is triggered when a value of 2.5V or more is received via the trg input. When the signal at the reset input is high (2.5V or higher) the step counter is reset to 1 and the sequence starts again. Trigger (T) and reset (R) signal can be set manually with the buttons. Activate quantizing (Q) to lock CV Sequencer to 12-tone equal temperament. This module is designed to work together with the Gate Sequencer and the Tempo Clock modules, but basically any other clock and gate generator will do.

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.