Gate Sequencer


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Gate Sequencer is also part of the Sequencer Bundle. Get 3 dedicated sequencers and playback control for over 37% less.

This 16-step gate sequencer lets you control the gate length in terms of percent of a clock cycle length. The cycle length is fed into the module via the "DUR" input jack and is interpreted like a pitch CV for an oscillator, following the 1V/octave rule. If no cable is connected to this input, the value defaults to the length of a 1/16th note at 120 bpm, which is equal to about -3.03135971V. The duration can be set manually, although it is designed to be used with the Tempo Clock module's "DUR" output. The gate length of each step is set with one of the 16 knobs and a red LED below the knob indicates the active step. The number of steps can be set with the up and down knobs next to the number display in the top right. A high value (greater or equal to 2.5V) at the "TRG IN" input tells the module to advance to the next step, while a high value at the "RESET" input resets all internal clocks and counters and restarts the sequence at step 1. Trigger (T) and reset (R) signals can be set manually with the buttons.

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