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  • LFOSC is a compact low frequency oscillator module with modulation capabilities.
  • LFOSC is sold individually or as part of Techno Bundle and Oscillator Bundle.
  1. Five waveforms (SINE, TRIANGLE, RAMP,SAWTOOTH, PULSE) plus RANDOM values generator.
  2. Red button to start and stop the oscillator and related CV input (<=0V Disable; >0V Enable).
  3. RESET and RELEASE switch to decide the LFO behavior once you start or stop it.
  4. RANGE and RATE control knobs to modify range and frequency with related CV inputs (-5/5V).
  5. Two LEDs at the bottom to visualize signal intensity when positive or negative.
  6. OFFSET switch to make the oscillator going from 0 to 5V or from 0 to -5V and related CV input (-5/5V).
  7. SYNC to synchronize the oscillator wave with an external one.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_LFOSC_Demo