PSP nitroLoFi

Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Oct 06, 2018


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Everybody needs a good bitcrusher effect, and they don’t get much better than the bitcrusher from PSP Nitro and PSP N2O. The PSP nitroLoFi module offers continuously adjustable sample rate emulation from 48kHz down to 750Hz, with buttons for anti-aliasing and smoothing. It also offers continuously adjustable bit rate simulation from 24 bits down to 1 bit, including a button for non-linear emulation. PSP nitroLoFi also includes eight preset buttons, with settings for DVD players, tape machines, and more, along with selectable emulations of dither/noise shaping. Rounding out the controls are master input and output gain knobs. PSP nitroLoFi doesn’t skimp on Control Voltage style control either; in addition to master stereo CV ins and outs, there are individual CV inputs for sample rate and bit depth control. Bitcrushing may not seem like a very creative effect, but PSP nitroLoFi turns it into one!

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Also included in PSP nitroModular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

PSPaudioware develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Their products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds.

Title of Song

  • PSP nitroLoFi 01 by Michal Wolski
  • PSP nitroLoFi 02 by Michal Wolskii