VM2500 1047 Multimode Filter/Resonator

The 1047 Multimode Filter/Resonator module is a 12 dB state-variable filter. It can function as a lowpass, bandpass, highpass, or notch filter. This gives it a great deal of flexibility, and its generally a bit brighter than a typical "ladder"-style filter as a result of its shallower 12 dB/oct curve. The 1047 Filter also extremely rich-sounding overdrive characteristics when pushed hard.


May 26, 21

The Magnetic Universe as we know it . . .

Cherry Audio and Mark Barton have done something very special with this collection. The VM2500 1047 Multimode Filter/Resonator is a pivotal module for creating new instruments and effect systems for starters. The level of detail, tone, and ease of use of this module is just breathtaking. Thank you

Clifton Develle Cameron