Cherry Audio Year One Collection

$199.00 $279.00

The Year One Collection includes all 21 commercial modules that Cherry Audio released in Voltage Modular's first year. These stellar and innovative modules let you warp and shape your modular sound in crazy new ways.

The Year One Collection includes Additive Oscillator, ESP-20 Processor, Hex Phaser, Lyrinx Filter, Mega Saw, MPE Interface, Octagon Sequencer, Random Task, Remote Control, Sampler II, Sixteen-Step Sequencer, Stereo Delay, TB Filter, TB Oscillator, VCF-20 & Poly VCF-20 Filters, VCO-20 & Poly VCO-20 Dual Oscillators, Vintage Resonator, Vocoder, and Voltage-Controlled Mixer.

Includes over 50 professional presets for the Year One bundle. Note that a few of these presets make use of Misfit Audio's Euclidean Duel module, sold separately.


Dec 12, 20


This set is awesome! Great devices, great company all around!!