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A collection of Modules from DMT Audio showcasing the first releases - as well as some newer helper modules:

Gemini - Dual Euclidean Rhythm Sequencer Simply recreate many types of common and unusual rhythms found all across the world (and beyond). Simple number combinations can deliver complex polymetric rhythms that won’t repeat themselves for a long time!

NEW - Comparator - Compares two 'analog' signals and returns a GATE signal - perfect for generating interesting rhythms and patterns.

Bernoulli - Multi-function Bernoulli Gate A probability gate that randomly routes inputs and outputs. The perfect module for adding a little bit of randomness to your sequences!

Boolean - Muti-Out Logic Module This module provides useful boolean logic functions that can transform two gate signals in 6 different ways!

Quad Attenuverter - 4x VCA Simple Attenuverter - multiplied by four for maximum control in minimal space.

Panner - Spatial Module Simple panner module. Takes a single input which is converted into a stereo output, allowing you to pan your signal left or right.