Rackmode Module Collection

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The Cherry Audio/MRB Rackmode Signal Processors Module Collection for Voltage Modular is a bundle of nine individual modules — inspired by a classic line of analog rack-mounted signal processors from the 1970s and ‘80s — adapted to the modular workflow and available exclusively for the Voltage Modular platform.

Rackmode Modules are nine modules based on Cherry Audio's acclaimed Rackmode Signal Processors plugins. These modules have been expertly adapted to the modular workflow and maintain the elegant look and heritage of the rack-mounted enclosures. Award-winning synth designer Mark Barton's (MRB) proprietary DSP coding reproduces every sonic nuance with circuit-precise emulations based on the original rack-mounted hardware.

Included in this collection:

  • Rackmode 16 Channel Vocoder is an effect module that replicates and expands the classic rack-mounted vocoder initially released in 1978, which was originally marketed as the Bode model 7702. It has been updated from the original hardware to include stereo carrier inputs and stereo outputs, and improves upon the VST versions with independent left/right formant modulation routing.
  • Rackmode Vocal Source Oscillator is a special dual-oscillator module with a unique "glottal" waveform that reproduces both the tonal and "air" sounds of the human vocal tract. Vocal Source Oscillator is optimized for use with the VM Rackmode Vocoder module, but it can independently be utilized as a standard 1V/oct audio oscillator.
  • Rackmode Poly Vocal Source Oscillator is functionally identical to the standard Vocal Source Oscillator module but it has polyphonic pitch and gate CV input jacks, and multi-voice capabilities.
  • Rackmode Phaser is an effect module that replicates a classic 12 stage rack-mounted phaser, one of the best-sounding phasers ever made. It’s very flexible and capable of various phasing colors and tones that go from the subtle to the extreme, and features numerous mod options including a flexible onboard LFO or external independent modulation for both left and right phaser networks.
  • Rackmode Ring Modulator is a processor module that precisely emulates the rare Bode frequency shifter and offers a thoroughly unique way to process audio signals. It includes an audio oscillator with range controls and multiple waveforms.
  • Rackmode String Filter comprises 36 high-Q parallel bandpass filters arrayed throughout the musical range. When simple waveforms are played through it, the String Filter imparts a woody richness to the sound to mimic acoustic string instruments.
  • Rackmode Frequency Shifter is an effect module that replicates the vintage Bode frequency shifter and transforms the entire frequency spectrum of the signal up or down by up to 5000 Hz, even simultaneously. The shift amount can be modulated via the onboard low-frequency oscillator.
  • Rackmode 10 Band Graphic EQ is an equalizer that provides frequency bands with Drive and Gain controls and is useful for "carving" sonic landscapes.
  • Rackmode Three Band Parametric EQ is an equalizer that includes a unique Drive knob that lends a gentle saturation to signals. It contains two identical EQs "under the hood" and can be used with mono or stereo signals.

A free seven-day demo of Rackmode Module Collection is available. This demo will play white noise periodically, but is otherwise unlimited.