Glide Sequencer


Glide Sequencer is also part of the Sequencer Bundle. Get 3 dedicated sequencers and playback control for over 37% less.

This sequencer lets you set a different glide value for every new note. Each time a different value is detected at the CV in jack, the sequencer will move one step forward. The glide time per step is set in percent of the duration that is detected at the "DUR" input. It is interpreted like a pitch CV for an oscillator and follows the 1V/octave rule. If it is not connected the value defaults to the length of a 1/16th note at 120 BPM, which is equal to about -3.03135971V.. With the "CENTS" knob you can set a fixed glide time in cents per duration up to two octaves. The step counter will return to the first step, if a high value (greater than 2.5V) is detected at the "RESET" input. Reset signal can also be set manually with the (R) button. The number of steps the sequencer goes through can be set with the up and down buttons in the upper right. Although this module is designed to work with the Tempo Clock, CV Sequencer and Gate Sequencer modules, it can easily be used in any other configuration where you need a variable glide time.

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