Neuron LFO

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Neuron LFO is a multi waveforms "lfo" oscillator inspired by Neutron's (Behringer) with modulation capabilities.
  • Neuron LFO is sold individually or as part of LFO Bundle and Oscillator Bundle.
  1. Frequency range of 0.01 Hz to 10 kHz : this allows low frequency modulation up to audio rate modulation.
  2. The Shape control sets the type of LFO waveform ; when selecting the LFO waveform, the control can be set to select between fixed types or to blend between wave shapes.
  3. Wave section :
    • Selection through five different waveforms and control knob to change phase.
    • Switch to select if you want to use the selected waveform, an external signal, the average sum of both or switch it off.
    • Dedicated output jack with possibility to select bipolar or unipolar output signal and DEPTH button to control signal depth through control knob or not.
    • SYNC button when activated will reset and reposition all the waveforms to their actual phase selection.
  4. Gate section :
    • When SYNC activated, every time the INput signal is equal or goes over 2.5V all the waveforms will be re-triggered.
    • 1 SHOT button can work only after SYNC button's been activated.
  5. CV/VOCT to interact with frequency in a linear or quantized way.
  6. Main OUTput with bipolar and unipolar switch selection.

Have fun with it!!! ;)

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