VM2500 1027 Clocked Sequential Control

The 1027 Clocked Sequential Control is an impressively wordy name for a "sequencer." With ten steps, arranged in three columns, it can output three independent CV's per step. It has a CV-controllable onboard clock, as well as a separate gate CV out for each step.


May 20, 23

Great sequencer!

I'm really digging this sequencer. . . gates for each step, and with the CV control of rate (using 1v/oct) you can control note length using one of your rows! Alternatively, you can also use one of the rows for gates for each step (or use Andrew Macaulay's "Sequencer Gate Switch for VM2500." String a few rows together using the VM2500 mixer sequencer if that's your jam. Figure out the BPM using Andrew Macaulay's "tempo" module.