Andrew Macaulay's General Utility Collection

This collection is a set of thirty-three general purpose utilities for use in Voltage Modular. This includes:

  • Switches/patch bays: Manual Triggers, Micro Switch 8-way on/off switch module, the minimal Signal Splitter Micro and the Mono and Poly patch bays to help with sample-level timings;
  • CV Manipulation: Micro-Maths, Dual-VCA/Inverter, Pitch CV Transpose, Pitch CV to WaveTime, CV Utilities, Exponent Shaper, Voltage Processor, Micro Voltage Splitter and Pitch CV Modifier gated-transposer;
  • the Frequency to CV module that allows audio inputs (simple waveforms) to be converted into CVs for use in other modules;
  • Displays: Dual Voltmeter, Dual Frequency Meter, Time Meter, Dual Counter, Tempo Display, Micro-Meters, MIDI display with filtering, Micro-LED Status plus CV Note display/quantizer;
  • the Pitch CV Octaver (also in other collections) to help with oscillators that need to be set to 4' or 16' for A4 to output 440Hz;
  • the Wave State Processor to split waveforms around 0V based on maximum/minimum and the Wave Peak to CV utility (also in other collections);
  • the IO Bus Plus and Poly IO Bus Plus modules extending the Voltage Modular IO Panel (also in other collections);
  • the CV Pitch Scaler (also in other collections) to make micro-adjustments of e.g. 1V/OCT controls easier;
  • and the flexible and fun to use Probability Generator for random gates/control voltages.

Also includes the Notes Panel 8HP and 16HP panels for adding notes to patches, the UI Settings Configurator module together with a set of tutorial presets. Note that any new modules added to this collection in the future will be included at no extra cost to existing users.

This collection is also included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.

Micro Maths
Micro Maths

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