DMT Sequencer Bundle

$24.00 $48.00

Let your sequencing imagination run wild with this eclectic collection of sequencer modules! This bundle includes two new 'Minimal' modules - 4-Step and 4-Rest, simple modules designed to be combined together to produce a wide range of material from simple building blocks.

Modules Included

NEW Markov Sequencer - Have some not-quite-random- fun with this 5-stage Markov Sequencer.

Apollo - Rhythmic sequencer based upon a tight combo of Shift Register and Boolean operations

Familiar - Probability-based trigger Sequencer designed to vary up your sequences with CV-controlled probability per step

Compass - New Cartesian 2-Dimensional Sequencer, where you control movement in both x and y directions

Pachinko - Unique Branching Sequencer - set the CV knobs, and let Pachinko roam free, creating potentially hundreds, if not thousands or unique melodic sequences all from one set of values

4-Step - Simple 4 Step Diatonic Sequencer. Sometimes you just need a simple, minimal sequencer to get things going, but combine multiples together to create interesting, developing variations.

4-Rest - Essentially a 'Clock Divider' Sequencer - each step controls the number of triggers received before moving to the next step. Great for creating rhythmic variety. Combine with 4-Step and see how far you get with a minimal start!