MRB Laboratory Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Price: $59.00

Manufacturer: MRB

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ON SALE -- ONLY $59!

That's only $3.69 per module! Every module in this bundle is an absolute workhorse. Please try them with the preset bundles free for 7 days and see if you don't agree.

Now including the mono and poly Dual Sawtooth Animators and the Laboratory Noise module!

As promised, great modules just keep dropping into this bundle with more to come!

Listen to a few Lab Bundle audio demos:

The Laboratory Bundle

Since Cherry Audio has handed us the keys to the synthesizer manufacturing factory, MRB has decided to remake the world in its own image. Here are all the modules in the ultra-clean Laboratory line. No attempt has been made to imitate hardware designs. Instead, every effort has been made to make these modules better than hardware.

Included are mono and poly versions of:

Laboratory VCO

Laboratory VCF

Laboratory VCA

Laboratory Dirt

Laboratory Sawtooth Animator

Velocity Envelope

...and Laboratory Noise, and the super-fun Frequency Shifter.

Now including the Laboratory Voice and the Semi-Modular Laboratory Voice!

With plenty of presets to get you going, you'll soon see how the MRB modules leverage the Voltage Modular architecture to create a smooth, compact workflow without the need for "glue" modules. Please see the description of each module for details.

More Lab Bundle modules are on the way. This bundle will just become more irresistible as time goes on.

You may be thinking, "I already have this stuff."

No you don't.