Mini Modules Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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$40.00 $195.00

Sometimes size really does matter!

This bundle contains a collection of mini modules that cover all the basic modular synthesis needs, but in a very small space. It provides great flexibility for designing patches when space is limited, such as when working on a small screen for studio or live performance, or when you simply want to add more voices or control to different elements of your patches without taking too much space. And while rack space may not be such a big issue with virtual modulars compared to real hardware, being able to see your entire patch at once, and keeping things well organized and manageable can go a long way towards helping you make better patches and being able to modify them later.

The collection includes an oscillator, 3 different LFOs, an envelope generator with an integrated VCA, a multi-mode filter, a mixer, a source of randomness for CV and triggers, as well as a 16-step trigger sequencer, and an 8-step CV sequencer. There are also poly version of many of these modules included. As a bonus, we have included Mini Voltage Grid, which is great for manually sending trigger and CV values to other modules. This module is the only one in the collection that is larger in size, but still fits within the idea of small modules compared to its bigger and more fully-featured sibling.

These modules work great together, allowing you to build complex patches in a very small space, or you can also add them to other patches at any number of points for more precise control of specific elements, and to add variation. Once you start working with them, you will find they are very useful, and that their small size is a real advantage for many applications. They also work great with the other Benard modules, as well as with the Cherry Audio collection and other 3rd party modules.