DMT West Coast Bundle

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The West Coast Bundle is DMT Audio's tribute to the west coast synthesizer pioneers - including a replication of the infamous MARF sequencer!


New WC-96 Spectral Oscillator - A mammoth 16-channel Bandpass filter with multiple purposes including an equalizer, envelope follower, a voltage-controllable bandpass filter as well as a primitive vocoder!

New WC-59 Complex Oscillator - A noisy 2-Oscillator modules with multiple different modulation and wavefolding possibilities!

New WC-45 Sequential Voltage Source - A quad 5-step sequencer with separate Pulser, which can be used for sequencing or Preset Control!

New WC-05 Matrix Mixer - Mix together 5 inputs into 4 outputs. Combine audio and CV Inputs to create more complex shapes, or just use as a simple mixer.

New WC-58 Dual Oscillator - Two oscillators which can sweep between sine and saw/square waves. FM inputs let you create some complex tones.

WC-48 Behemoth - Based on the Buchla 248 Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator, or MARF. This mighty dual 16-step sequencer doubles up as a complex LFO, Envelope Generator, Mixer, and more!

WC-62 Harmonic Oscillator - features a stack of 8 sine oscillators, where the frequencies are multiples of the base frequency. Each harmonic's gain can be CV controlled which can give you some crazy sounds!

WC-92 Quad Lopass Gate - Based on the Buchla 292 - this is a 4x Lopass gate, which combines VCA and filters. Emulating Vactrol technology, this allows you to recreate the infamouse filter pings that are integral to the West-Coast Modular sound - try sending triggers directly into the CV Inputs to hear the response!

WC-66 Uncertainty - Based on the famous Buchla Source Of Uncertainty, the Uncertainty module provides a palette of unpredictability by giving you an array of different random sources.

WC-81 Quad Function Generator - A fantastic emulation of the Buchla 281 Function Generator, this features 4 AD-style envelopes with control over attack and decay length from 1ms to 10 seconds. These envelopes can also be chained together to create more exciting, complex envelopes to liven up your sounds!

WC-57 Voltage Processor - Based on the Buchla 257 Dual Voltage Processor, this modules allows you to combine multiple control signals in various ways, including addition, multiplication and inversion

WC-30 Envelope Follower - Based on the Buchla 230 Envelope Follower - this triple Envelope Follower module allows you to convert signal amplitudes into control voltages. Feed in audio from samples, or from external inputs, and give your modular sounds some life and movement!

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Apr 18, 24

DMT West Coast Bundke

I downloaded the demo and fell in love with the sonic range and versatility of this bundle. I'm very much looking forward to further exploration!