Dome Music Technologies Ultimate Collection

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This bundle contains the entire Dome Music Technologies output to date. As new products are added to the Dome Music Technologies line, owners of the Ultimate Collection will receive automatic updates free-of-charge, in-perpetuity.

In total, there are currently 26 modules in the collection.

There are three 10HP blank panel note-taking modules. These match the colour schemes of the Big Rat, Smol Rat and ACE Collection.

There are six free-of-charge 'active' modules contained within the Dome Music Technologies Freebies Collection:

  1. Smol Rat - Slew limiter, portamento controller and 6dB/oct VCF with 'Real Analogue Transient' response.

  2. Simple Amplifier - A no-frills attenuator / VCA / ring modulator, designed to pair with the stock Cherry Audio Envelope Generator.

  3. ACE Min-Max - A four-input minimum-maximum detector, which implements the analogue equivalents of Boolean OR and AND operations.

  4. ACE Four-Quadrant Multipliers - Three precision linear multipliers which also serve as audio ring modulators or VCAs.

  5. ACE Constants & Multipliers - Six channels of precision DC voltage sources or constant value multipliers.

  6. ACE Comparator - Detects when the X input is greater than or less than the Y input (or a constant value).

Once the modules listed above have been taken out of the equation, you are left with these seventeen paid-for 'active' modules:

  1. Big Rat - An envelope generator, LFO and VCO with 'Real Analogue Transient' response.

  2. ACE Integrator - A laboratory-standard analogue computing integrator.

  3. ACE Delay Line - Eight cascaded analogue shift registers which delay the input signal for 1 to 8 sample periods.

  4. ACE Powers - Lets you raise a constant value to the power of the X input. 2^X, e^X and 10^X outputs are available.

  5. ACE SR-Latch - A Set-Reset Latch with complementary outputs and two independent Edge Detectors.

  6. Baba O'Lowrey - An emulation of the 'Marimba Repeat' function that was available on certain models of Lowrey electronic organs.

  7. Solaris Ensemble - An emulation of the bucket-brigade ensemble generator circuit of the Eminent Solina string machine.

  8. Zeit Voltage-Controlled Delay - A digital delay with times up to 2500ms. Delay time can be modulated by an external control voltage source.

  9. BPM Converter - A helper module for Zeit. It converts the host tempo or manually-set tempo into a delay time.

  10. Pitch Converter - A helper module for Zeit. It converts a 1V/Octave control voltage into a concert-pitch oscillation period value.

  11. Time Stream Integrator - A helper module for Zeit. Its main purpose is to create real-time pitch-shifting and sound reversal effects.

  12. Aqua Marine Ensemble Generator - A preset version of the Solaris Ensemble, dedicated to producing that classic Solina sound in mono or stereo.

  13. Fifth Dimension Phaser Factory - A versatile voltage-controlled phase shifter, switchable between 2, 3, 4 or 5 all-pass filter stages.

  14. Kleiner-Kiffer Phaser - A preset version of the Fifth Dimension, dedicated to producing that classic Small Stone sound in HI and LO Color modes.

  15. Pink Flight Divide-Down Oscillator - A polyphonic sound source for building your own paraphonic instruments, such as string machines, etc.

  16. Blue Velvet Soft-Clip Mixer - A mixer with built-in soft-clipping overdrive and anti-aliasing.

  17. Bully Beef Bass Oscillators - Twin sawtooth oscillators with unique features which make them ideal for fat bass sounds.

As there are currently seventeen paid-for modules in the Ultimate Collection, the price has been set at $17. This price will increase as new modules are added. However, as stated above, existing owners of the Ultimate Collection will automatically receive new modules completely free-of-charge as soon as they are released.